Jack O' Lantern

    On a certain island where Halloween festivities are in full swing...
    Djeeta and the others find themselves in a village adorned with jack-o'-lanterns. They enjoy the bustle of the streets, which are lined with stalls selling candy.
    Cagliostro, thrilled to be among the festivities, dons the "world's cutest costume."
    While Ferry learns from the festival-goers that Halloween is a time when the souls of the dead return to the world of the living.
    Desperate to learn more about her own identity as a ghost, she wishes to meet the figure who guides the spirits on their spectral homecoming.
    According to the townspeople, this figure is a pumpkin-headed monster known as "Lost Jack."
    As Djeeta and the others continue exploring the village, they hear rumors about a boy who's been missing since the morning...
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